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ShareStream Revs Online Video Platform and Media Management System

ShareStream has released the latest version of its online video platform and media management system, ShareStream 5.7.

ShareStream is designed to help educational institutions integrate video and other digital media into online courses and campus communications. The system supports uploading, transcoding, editing, storing, managing, and delivering media. The ShareStream Online Video Platform for education can be implemented as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) or on-premises solution.

New features in ShareStream v5.7 are intended to make it easier for educational institutions to reuse content, whether they are copying course media from prior semesters or uploading existing media files to ShareStream. ShareStream's new bulk SFTP (secure file transfer protocol) upload feature lets schools upload existing media to ShareStream as a batch process using a drag-and-drop interface. The batch SFTP upload process can upload entire directories of media files into ShareStream MediaManager at once and convert the files to a variety of formats compatible with computers and mobile devices, while maintaining the original directory structure. The process does not require IT staff to create custom XML documents or manually set up user accounts on the SFTP client because ShareStream handles those tasks automatically.

Key features in ShareStream v5.7 include:

  • Course Media Copy Wizard, which guides instructors through the process of copying course collections from previous semesters for use in new courses;
  • New user interface and workflow for publishing ShareStream media collections as a playlist;
  • Ability to embed ShareStream playlists into content management systems, such as Drupal, SharePoint, and WordPress, as well as most widely deployed learning management systems; and
  • Drag-and-drop batch SFTP upload of pre-existing media files to ShareStream.

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