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New Elementary Math Curriculum Features Real-time Data Tracking

Vinci education learning management system

The company also offers a custom learning management platform, called ClassVINCI

Vinci Education is launching a new game-based digital math curriculum for elementary education, mapped to the Common Core and featuring real-time data-tracking features designed for tablets.

The curriculum is supported by a custom learning management platform and designed for use on the company’s own education-focused Android tablets. In the curriculum, Common Core concepts and requirements are broken down into small steps, and a series of learning games has been designed for instructional and reinforcement learning.

The learning management platform, called ClassVINCI, allows teachers to schedule courses and track students' progress in real time, displaying, for example, how many questions a student answered correctly versus how many attempts the student made. Data can be viewed for a specific date or a range of dates and can be printed or saved as a PDF file.

"Interactive and personalized teaching is the only way to help students to be ready for college and careers," said Dan Yang, the company’s founder and creator of the blended learning program in a statement. "Real time data and reports serve like a GPS for teaching, enabling individualized and effective learning."

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