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Remind Updates Classroom Communication App

Remind has updated its free eponymous communication app to allow teachers to connect it with their mobile address book and students and parents to store all their messages in one location. The company has also released the app for use outside of the United States and Canada.

Available on iOS, Android and via the Web, Remind allows teachers to send secure, one-way "messages including assignment reminders, photos and documents directly to students' and parents' phones via push notifications," according to a news release.

"Keeping the parents informed of our daily class activities and schedules in an easy-to-access manner has transformed my classroom," said Jessica Deon, 5th grade teacher at Rosepine Elementary School, in a prepared statement. "I know without a doubt that parents are following their children's progress in my classroom much more closely. They feel involved and appreciate my efforts to keep them updated. When I call to discuss a concern or problem, I have noticed more willingness from parents to help."

Features of Remind include:

  • Parental notifications when students under 13 sign up for Remind;
  • An inability for teachers and students to see one another's phone numbers;
  • Delivery of messages via feature phones and emails, eliminating the need for students and parents to use a smartphone;
  • Messages from teachers are delivered to the entire class, but students and parents can't reply, so teachers don't need to manage another inbox; and
  • A log of all messages sent for auditing and administrative use.

"Remind made everything easier for me right from the start — I'm able to connect with students and parents in ways I could not before. I can send essential information about field trips or tests coming up, or simply send encouraging notes to celebrate what the kids accomplished that day in class," said Todd Nesloney, principal and lead learner at Navasota Independent School District, in a prepared statement. "About 80 percent of parents signed up right away and have seen the impact on their children immediately. I've never seen something make such an immediate impact and I can't wait to roll it out at my entire school this year."

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