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New Software Allows Teachers To Control Smart Boards From iPads

Teachers will now be able to use an iPad to control and interact with SMART whiteboards and other devices controlled by Smart Notebook software.

That is the most significant feature of the new Smart Notebook Maestro software that will become available October 31.

Smart Technologies officials said the new developments are in direct response to teachers telling them they wanted to be able to change Notebook pages and add and manipulate images on whiteboards while moving around the classroom.

"With the increased use of iPads in the classroom, teachers told us they wanted the flexibility of controlling their Notebook lessons from their tablets," said Greg Estell, president of education for Smart Technologies. "We've responded with Smart Notebook Maestro, providing another tool for lesson delivery."

To use the new software from an iPad, educators must have Notebook software 14.2 or higher, a Notebook Advantage subscription and the latest version of the Notebook for iPad app, which will be available from the Apple App store.

The new Notebook Maestro software will be available as a free download from the Smart Web site. A one-year subscription to Notebook Advantage starts at $54 and there are discounts for volume and longer terms. The Notebook app will cost $6.99.

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