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New iCurio Version Helps Teachers Find Resources Quickly

A new learning engagement tool should make it easier for teachers to find open educational resources (OER) that are both curated and aligned with Common Core standards.

Knovation has introduced the latest version of icurio, its digital library with more than 360,000 open learning resources.

Enhancements to the existing product include the ability for teachers to:

  • More easily search the collection and find standards-aligned content that has been vetted by experts;
  • Use visual mapping tools to collect and organize digital resources and then share them in their individual schools;
  • Incorporate the digital library's resources with their own instructional design and manage their own lessons; and
  • More quickly engage students through self-directed learning and personalized feedback.

According to Knovation representatives, each of the 360,000 resources in its collection has been curated to assure they are usable and meaningful to teachers and students via a 127-point certification process used by the company's curriculum content experts.

Knovation CEO Randy Wilhelm said icurio is especially meaningful for schools and districts that are shifting from print to digital content as they implement 1-to-1 and blended learning environments.

"While we have been 1-to-1 for many years," said Mooresville Graded School District Chief Technology Officer Scott Smith, "the new version of icurio is helping us continue to push even further toward our goal of reaching every child, every day."

About the Author

Michael Hart is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and the former executive editor of THE Journal.