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ABC-CLIO Awards Grant Winners Digital Humanities Tools

ABC-CLIO Solutions, a provider of digital resources for history and humanities, has selected the winners of its 2015 Think Out Loud Innovation Grants.

Comprising more than 40 educators from 26 states, the winners will receive access to the company's 15 online curriculum collections "to develop effective methods to assess students' abilities to find, examine and understand multiple points of view, synthesize disparate resources in a meaningful way and present their own conclusions," according to a news release.

Winners were chosen based on projects they proposed to take advantage of the company's tools and included themes such as:

  • Shifting to a completely digital curriculum;
  • Using robust curriculum to strengthen classrooms with blended, one-to-one and bring-your-own-device environments;
  • Strategies for improving project- and problem-based learning;
  • Investigation and research to improve inquiry-based learning;
  • Using digital resources to improve online learning; and
  • Using versatile, aligned content to support learning objectives related to STEM, STEAM, Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Learning and C3.

While working on their projects, "recipients will document the challenges and progress of implementing technology to teach critical thinking, and provide a two-minute video summary of their work and its impact on student thinking and learning," according to information released by the company. "To disseminate best teaching practices and scale the knowledge educators gained from the experience, ABC-CLIO will publicize the results after concluding the grant on June 30, 2015."

"We are inspired by the creative and inventive ways the grant recipients are incorporating content-rich digital resources in their classrooms to promote higher-level learning," said Becky Snyder, ABC-CLIO president, in a prepared statement. "The discipline of history is uniquely positioned to develop the inquiry skills and reflective skills important for Common Core State Standards and 21st century life. ABC-CLIO and recipients will be able to share this experience with educators and students to expand the reach of their innovative practices beyond the duration of the grant."

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