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Panorama Ed Launches Analytics Dashboard for Administrators

Panorama Education has released Leadership Dashboard, a new data analytics tool for principals and superintendents.

Panorama is known for its survey platform, which helps K-12 schools collect and analyze feedback from teachers, parents and students, and the Leadership Dashboard is the company's first foray beyond surveys. According to the company, the Leadership Dashboard is designed to help schools take the data they have been collecting and use it to improve their learning environment.

The Leadership Dashboard lets administrators monitor information such as parent involvement, quality of school leadership, student grit and quality of teacher-student relationships. The dashboard's "heat map view" provides a consolidated view of data across multiple schools to help administrators identify trends and areas for improvement. The information in the dashboard is based on data that the school collects through surveys conducted in partnership with Panorama.

"It lets us easily spot the trends across the board or broken down by department or category," said Christopher Rau, vice principal at Windsor High School in Windsor, CT, in a prepared statement. "It instantly brought my eyes to where we were exceptionally strong or areas where we need improvement."

More than 300 K-12 schools have beta tested the Leadership Dashboard. Further information about the Leadership Dashboard can be found on Panorama's site.

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