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Sally Ride Science Launches New STEM PD Course

Sally Ride Science has launched a new professional development course focused on teaching STEM subjects using the 5E model.

The eight-hour course is designed to train "teachers in science content (life, earth, physical sciences) through inquiry and engages them in the process of translating that learning to their teaching practice," according to a news release. "The course draws deeply on the latest research on how young people learn science and how teachers can support their students’ acquisition of STEM literacy."

The five Es comprising the model include:

  • Engage by activating students' prior knowledge;
  • Explore by providing a common base of activities to facilitate new understanding;
  • Explain — allow students to explain their own understanding of new concepts or skills;
  • Elaborate — Challenge students to extend their new understanding and skills; and
  • Evaluate.

"For students to gain a lasting understanding of science concepts, the learning process must be inquiry-based," said Tam O’Shaughnessy, CEO and cofounder of Sally RideScience, in a prepared statement. "The students — not the teacher — must be the ones assessing their existing understanding and doing the work required to improve or change that understanding. A practical approach to this way of learning is the 5E model."

Teach STEM Using the 5Es is available for free to Sally Ride STEM License customers. More information is available at

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