Personalized Learning

El Paso District Adopts Personalized Learning

One of the largest school systems in Texas is implementing a district-wide personalized learning program. The 60,000-student El Paso Independent School District will adopt the Mileposts program from Silverback Learning Solutions.

Teachers will be able to use the cloud-based service to create personalized learning plans for all their students. Mileposts will allow them to manage interventions, monitor progress and learn about instructional approaches for specific students. The software will also integrate multimedia learning resources from Gooru, an open Web collection of resources shared by K-12 teachers around the world.

"The idea behind Mileposts is simple," said Silverback Learning Solutions CEO Jim Lewis. "Every child is an individual and the single most important motivation to learn is to be able to begin at their exact academic level and build from that mark in time."

The software will be the nucleus for a new El Paso district PowerUp Initiative intended to encourage parents to participate in their children's education as well. Silverback will provide professional development for all educators on its 94 campuses in order for them to be most effective in using the LMS.

"We are committed to moving away from 'teaching to the test' and re-focusing our efforts on blended, project-based and personalized learning," said Superintendent Juan Cabrera.

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Michael Hart is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and the former executive editor of THE Journal.