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Edsby Integrates With Office 365, Google Apps for Education

Learning management system (LMS) Edsby has integrated with both Google Apps for Education and Microsoft Office 365, giving teachers, students and faculty more opportunities to take advantage of technology in learning.

The integration with Office 365 gives users the ability for a single sign-on, allowing Edsby users to log in to all three with one click. It also allows Edsby users to select documents from their Microsoft OneDrive file within Edsby classes and groups. Students can submit their work digitally to their teachers for assessment.

The integration with Google Apps for Education gives teachers and students another group of capabilities that can enhance group discussions, attendance taking, course planning, grading, report cards and analytics.

At the same time, Edsby officials said there is little overlap between the features offered by Edsby and Google Apps for Education. Students are able to do their work in Google Drive and then share documents in Edsby groups and classes, all while submitting work to their teachers privately.

Teachers using Google Apps can also use Edsby to share work; communicate with parents; view student schedules, attendance and grades; and evaluate their performance against school, state or federal standards — all with a single log-in.

"Google Apps provides us with many capabilities, but Google by itself only offers limited learning management features," said Ally Wenzel, director of technology at Stevenson School, a private school in Pebble Beach, CA. "Connecting Google Apps for Education with Edsby gives our students, teachers and administrators a more robust digital teaching and learning experience."

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Michael Hart is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and the former executive editor of THE Journal.