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Lexia Learning Launches Apple Watch App for Educators

Lexia Learning has released a version of myLexia, the mobile interface for Lexia Reading Core5, for the Apple Watch.

Lexia Reading Core5 is a computer-based literacy program for preschool to grade 5. The program includes the company's "Assessment Without Testing" technology, an embedded assessment system that is designed to provide educators with real-time data and norm-referenced performance measures of students' literacy skills — without administering tests.

The myLexia app lets teachers access student assessment data on the fly while they teach. Teachers and administrators can view the data for individual students, an entire classroom or the whole school. The app is available or the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and now the Apple Watch.

Key features of the myLexia app include the following:

  • Grouping students by specific skills to help teachers plan individual or small group instruction;
  • detailed views of each student's performance;
  • prediction of each student's chance of achieving his or her grade-level benchmark by the end of the year;
  • class and grade views for principals and superintendents; and
  • the ability to print or e-mail certificates of achievement for individual students.

The myLexia app for Apple Watch is available on Apple's App Store. 

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