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New Secure Charging Cart and Stations Introduced

LocknCharge has introduced four new devices to charge mobile phones and tablets: a cart that can handle 20 devices at a time and three charging stations of various sizes.

All four new products are smaller and designed for more convenience than products the company introduced last September, which could accommodate 30 or 40 devices at a single time.

The Carrier 20 Cart is designed to be transported through tight hallways and will charge 20 mobile devices at a single time in four removable baskets, meaning several people can access it at once. The iQ 10 Charging Station, Carrier 10 Charging Station and iQ Sync Charge Station all have hand-carry baskets that allow them to be moved manually between multiple classrooms. Each can hold up to 10 devices.

The Carrier 20 Cart has larger individual baskets than previous models so it can safely store and distribute 13-inch Chromebooks, tablets and iPads. It has a remote control so that it can be turned on from almost anywhere in the classroom and a secure soft-closing sliding lid that allows it to double as an extra workspace when necessary.

For additional security, the cart comes with a floor anchor that will allow it to be chained to the floor overnight or locked in place permanently.

The three charging stations range in size from 30.4 to 44 pounds and are as small as 15.8 inches wide, 12.6 inches long and 16 inches high. Secure charging is provided by an externally accessible power outlet, which means the devices can be safely locked up during charging to avoid theft.

The iQ 10 Sync Charge Station is the first LocknCharge product to include LED status indicator lights to tell teachers and students when each individual device has been connected and charged.

The suggested price for the Carrier 20 Cart is $1,399 and the suggested prices for the charging stations range from $599 to $799.

"The number of mobile devices in schools is growing at a phenomenal rate, making 1-to-1 programs and flexible learning environments a more common reality," said LocknCharge President Steve Ledbetter. "Our high quality charging carts and stations that work with any mobile devices that schools are using increase the likeliness of a successful rollout."

The charging cart and stations were introduced during the ISTE 2015 conference June 28-July 1 in Philadelphia.

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Michael Hart is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and the former executive editor of THE Journal.