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WebAssign Unveils Analytics Tool for Students

WebAssign, a company that provides online instructional tools, has launched My Class Insights, a new analytics tool for students.

Integrated with the WebAssign app, the tool uses data from students' first attempt at a problem to provide information about topics they've learned and where they are still struggling.

"The user-friendly interface shows students a summary view of concept mastery, as well as provides the subsequent steps in the learning process," according to a news release. "A practice button appears next to each topic so students can dive deeper into a series of similar question types."

Designed as a study guide, the tool is also useful for identifying gaps in course knowledge for use in remediation.

Other features include:

  • A quick overview showing the number of attempts at each problem before it was answered correctly;
  • Status icons showing where students are doing well and where they need work; and
  • Filters designed to allow students to easily compare performances on tests with performances on homework.

"My Class Insights gives students more data and control over their learning, making WebAssign a powerful tool for increasing student engagement," said Jack Narayan, WebAssign chief academic officer and mathematics professor, in a prepared statement. "Now students can quickly see the areas they need to pay more attention to, and the data presented in My Class Insights should encourage them to fully invest in learning before an exam."

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