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Valley Christian High School Deploys Digital Signage

Valley Christian High School (VCHS) in Chandler, AZ has implemented a new digital signage system campus-wide to improve communication with students.

Bryan Winfrey, the director of communications and student recruitment for the school wanted to replace or supplement its traditional bulletin boards and printed posters with digital signage "to present information to our students, families and visitors in a new, engaging manner," he said in a prepared statement. Winfrey and his team researched a variety of digital signage platforms. They wanted something that would let them access and control multiple displays from a single access point, customize templates and deliver a variety of content.

Following a month-long evaluation process, the team selected a digital signage solution from Mvix. According to information from the company, it lets the school "customize the environment for different events and audiences from a single Web-based access point." The displays are organized by zone, so each zone can present different content, such as information about events such as football games or PTO meetings, bell schedules, student-life photos or school-related Twitter feeds. The system also supports animations and graphics, so the school can create eye-catching multimedia presentations on the signs.

"The digital signs are de-cluttering our hallways by getting rid of bulletin boards and posters," said Winfrey in a prepared statement. "We are able to customize the displays with content relevant for the school day, for prospective family events or for athletic events. This allows us to reach our targeted audiences with content that is relevant to their experience on our campus."

The move to digital signage is just the latest technology initiative at the school. VCHS recently launched a one-to-one iPad program, which has significantly changed the teaching and learning process at the school, while increasing collaboration and communication between students and faculty, according to Mvix.

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