Digital Signage Vendor To Offer Schools Help With Implementation

A digital signage company is now offering educational institutions help in implementing, managing and running their digital signs.

Digital signage supplier Mvix has launched its Implementation Assistance service to help its clients with what it describes as end-to-end deployment. The company says it will help schools with the selection of the best sign, developing custom content, creating screen layouts, installation, content scheduling and ongoing management.

The company's senior director of business relations, A. Jay, said research found that, while educational institutions had little trouble finding the technology they needed, they were not taking full advantage of their acquisitions because of inadequate planning and execution.

"There is a high degree of planning required to successfully executive an enterprise-grade digital signage implementation," Jay said, "and most are not equipped to manage such an operation."

Jay said the company's digital signage specialists will now offer their know-how in establishing objectives for the use of digital signage, creating content, staging and scheduling the content, choosing technology and overall management.

"They'll lend clarity and insight," Jay added.

About the Author

Michael Hart is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and the former executive editor of THE Journal.