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Squirrels Releases New Screensharing App

The new Reflector Student mobile app from Squirrels allows students to view real-time content from teachers and peers on their smartphones and tablets. Reflector Student is a free iOS companion app to Reflector 2. The new app is designed to help students wirelessly communicate with Reflector 2 running on the teacher’s computer, so that anything displayed on the teacher’s screen can be shared with every connected student device.

With Reflector Student, any number of users can be connect to Reflector 2 at once, so a whole classroom of students can see the teacher’s screen and their peers’ screens as well. According to Squirrels, Reflector Student also acts as a workaround for schools that experience Reflector 2 connectivity issues due to the use of separate subnets or virtual networks. New Reflector 2 connection methods include Bluetooth discovery, Quick Connect Codes and iOS camera linking.

Once paired with Reflector 2, Reflector Student will remember the pairing and automatically connect for future uses to save classroom time. It will also add destinations to the AirPlay list if they’re available.

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Christopher Piehler is the former editor-in-chief of THE Journal.