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Scholastic Debuts Comprehensive Literacy Solutions

Scholastic has launched a suite of comprehensive literacy solutions that are customizable and connected to new learning standards, according to information from the company.

The suite includes new and updated products and services in the areas of instructional reading and writing, professional learning, family and community engagement and learning supports and independent reading.

The instructional reading and writing resources include curriculum mapping and pacing tools designed to make it easier for individual districts, schools or educators to customize Scholastic Education products for individual needs. This fall, the company will also launch Guided Reading: Lecturas Cortas for English Language Learners. Scholastic's classroom magazines and their digital learning extensions in social studies, science, reading and math round out the instructional reading and writing component of the suite.

Scholastic Professional plans to add new books throughout this year. The first new book will be Every Child a Super Reader by literacy expert Pam Allyn and educator Ernest Morrell. Another new book planned for the upcoming year is Page-to-Stage Writing Workshop by Newbery medal-winning author and educator Kwame Alexander. Scholastic Professional will also expand its work with literacy advocates and researchers in the field of instruction, and it will offer district-wide, customized professional development programs with the goal of creating "ongoing, systemic change in literacy instruction."

The company is expanding its family and community engagement service, Scholastic FACE, to include "district and statewide programs of learning supports to build comprehensive community plans for helping children inside and outside the school." One of those programs is a three-day workshop series related to family engagement. Another component of this service is Scholastic's Integrated Learning Supports service to help school leaders "identify and reduce barriers to learning so that all students can achieve."

The independent reading component of the suite includes the company's existing leveled book rooms, classroom magazines, reading club and book fairs, as well as e-reading subscription services such as Storia School Edition, BookFlix, TrueFlix and FreedomFlix.

Further information about Scholastic's suite of comprehensive literacy solutions can be found on the Scholastic Education site.

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