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Showbie Adds Digital Portfolios for 1:1 Classrooms

Showbie, a classroom workflow app, has added a new digital portfolio feature for one-to-one environments to its pro version.

Based on feedback from users, the new feature is designed to make it easy for teachers, students and parents to collect, share and reflect on assignments without switching between apps.

The update is part of a flurry of upgrades since March, which have included mobile accessibility, the ability to annotate using voice notes and an integrated gradebook.

With the newest feature instructors "can easily add a student's work in Showbie to their portfolio in a single swipe, helping students track their learning progress by showcasing their best work," according to anews release. "Because students can share work in Showbie from other creative apps, a variety of media types can be added to the digital portfolio, including video, pictures and text. Students can also take the lead and curate their own portfolio when their teachers allow it, and portfolio work is viewable grade¬-to-grade on a timeline, allowing students to track their learning as they progress through school."

"There are so many other digital portfolio apps out there, but what makes Showbie stand out from the others is the functionality and ease of use," said Kristen Paino, Showbie lead technology integrator at The World School, in a prepared statement. "Since many schools already use Showbie, students and teachers won't have to learn how to use another app to upload their content into a digital portfolio. The Showbie digital portfolio also allows students to carry on their digital portfolio from grade to grade. This is a huge and important feature that most digital portfolio apps are missing."

Showbie Pro is available via iTunes to teachers for $12 per month and free to students. A school-wide version is available through the company's Web site.

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