GameSalad To Launch Updated Game Development Program for K-12

GameSalad will launch an updated version of its GameSalad for Education program with an improved curriculum.

The new program includes software, curriculum, textbooks, certifications and asset packs designed to help teachers introduce game development and programming fundamentals to the classroom more easily.

"To enhance the program's curriculum, GameSalad hired Danielle Burnett as the principal learning architect," according to a news release. "Burnett, a former Arkansas school teacher, helped pilot GameSalad in her district. The pilot program was so successful, the Arkansas State Department of Career Education now recommends GameSalad to all high schools in Arkansas. GameSalad can also be found in school districts across nearly 30 states, and 11 countries worldwide."

"I was very impressed with the creativity and problem solving skills that my students utilized while using GameSalad in my mobile app development classes," said Burnett in a prepared statement. "As a teacher I loved seeing the looks of excitement and intrigue on the faces of my students. I am excited to be working with a company that allows me to share my passion for education and making computer science fun and accessible."

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