Samsung Introduces Products To Assist Use of Chromebook 3 in Classrooms

Following by a week the announcement of the new Chromebook 3 at the International Consumer Electronics Show, Samsung has introduced at FETC 2016 three new product packages designed to encourage its use in the classroom.

In conjunction with Neverware McGraw-Hill Education, the two companies will partner on CloudReady OS conversion software that will allow the gradual introduction of the new version of the Chromebook that makes its use compatible with other laptops or tablets in the classroom. With the software, schools can manage the new and older computers with their existing software.

Bundled together in a package that will accommodate up to 200 students at once will be:

  • 100 Samsung Chromebook 3 devices;
  • 100 CloudReady licenses for existing computers;
  • 200 Google device management console licenses; and
  • Tech support.

Its Classroom in a Box package is designed to put an entire classroom into the business of 1-to-1 learning immediately.

Each package includes:

  • 30 Chromebook 3 devices;
  • Either McGraw-Hill Education's language arts or math curriculum;
  • 30 one-year licenses for either one;
  • A professional development package; and
  • A Samsung deployment call.

Finally, in conjunction with Smart Technologies, Samsung will offer a Smart amp that is expected to help develop student collaboration, giving them the ability to co-create content on a digital canvas. With the Smart amp, teachers will have access to the Smart Exchange network in which they are able to share compatible resources with other educators around the world.

"In today's work environment, collaboration is essential as few tasks are completed alone and technology facilitates teamwork that was previously impossible," said Ted Brodheim, vice president of vertical business at Samsung Electronics America. "We're helping schools deploy one-to-one digital learning solutions that drive collaboration and encourage creative problem-solving."

This package includes:

  • 10 Samsung Chromebook 3 devices;
  • 60 Smart amp licenses with one-year activation and the opportunity to be extended;
  • A 10-module professional development course for the teacher; and
  • 10 Google device management console licenses.

About the Author

Michael Hart is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and the former executive editor of THE Journal.