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Bretford Debuts Seating and Desks for Active Classrooms

Bretford has launched a new line of classroom furniture designed for active learning spaces.

The new Emoji Desking + Seating Series includes features Bretford claims are designed to improve physical and emotional well-being, such as:

  • Multiple color combinations;
  • Noise-dampening materials to limit distractions;
  • Support for multiple postures and textured areas designed to reduce fidgeting;
  • Special features such as handles shaped like smiley faces; and
  • The ability to arrange desks and chairs in a variety of ways.

"The Emoji desks feature a simplified design so they can be rearranged to fit together in many different ways, which creates an easy planning paradigm," according to a news release. "The universal table shape allows classroom planners and instructors to achieve virtually any configuration, cluster pattern or grid. This helps make classroom transitions less stressful with fewer disruptions for the students. The desks come with either rectangle or convex tops, with a 4-leg or sled base and with caster or glide options."

The chairs feature flexible backs, perforated surfaces and quiet casters.

The entire line is lightweight, mobile and stackable and available in multiple colors, laminates, shapes and leg bases. Emoji chairs and desks are also available in child, youth and adult sizes.

"Emoji Desking + Seating products were conceived to work with how we think and feel as we learn and work throughout every stage of life," said Dan Rucker, product manager of furniture and power solutions for Bretford, in a prepared statement. "For example, the child chair is soft and playful while the adult chair is styled with sophistication and the back support mimics an adult's spine and pelvis. A chair and a desk should work together as an eco-system, and the Emoji desk functions much like the seating in that way. Both are designed to create an environment that stimulates learning, promotes positive emotions, and activates the space for making purposeful change."

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