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Dremel Launches 3D Printing Ecosystem

Dremel, a company generally known for manufacturing tools, has developed a STEM education program to integrate 3D printing into the classroom.

The Dremel Dreams program features lesson plans that use a 3D printer to teach concepts in science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) and other subject areas. To support the curriculum, the program offers online training, a customer support service, Autodesk modeling software, Sprout by HP 3D scanner and the Dremel 3D Idea Builder printer.

Dremel partnered with MyStemKits.com to offer 3D-specific lesson plans for use with the Dremel 3D Idea Builder printer, according to information on the company's site. The lesson plans were developed by curriculum experts at the Florida Center for Research in STEM at Florida State University in partnership with MyStemKits.com. Teachers and students can use the 3D printer to create their own hands-on manipulatives to study a variety of STEM concepts covered in each of the lesson plans.

Dremel Dreams 3D-specific lesson plans and corresponding 3D model kits include:

  • Pencil Catapult Kit for grades 6-12 physical science classes;
  • Loaded Dice Kit for grades 6-8 math;
  • Pythagorean Proof Kit for grades 6-8 math;
  • Ballista/Force Generator Kit to teach bivariate data in grades 8-12 math;
  • Punnett Square Dice (Gg) Kit to teach monohybrid cross simulation in grades 6-8 life science;
  • Pencil Quadrat Kit to teach statistical quadrat samplings in grades 6-8 math;
  • Moth Kit to teach natural selection in grades 6-8 life science or statistical quadrat samplings in grades 6-8 math;
  • Measuring Precision Kit to teach nature of science or math for grades 9-12;
  • Coriolis Effect Kit to teach the Coriolis effect for grades 6-8 science; and
  • Cell Transformation Kit to teach bioengineering for grades 6-8 life science.

These 10 kits are included with the Dremel 3D Idea Builder printer, and additional kits are available through MyStemKits.com. Students can also use the Sprout by HP 3D scanning system or Autodesk Project Ignite 3D modeling software to create their own 3D models. According to information from the company, the Dremel 3D Idea Builder is "the first 3D printer to receive UL safety certification" and the printing workspace is fully enclosed to help keep students safe during the printing process.

Dremel offers a webinar training program for teachers and customer support and mentorship over the phone, Skype, online chat and email.

More information about the Dremel Dreams program can be found on Dremel's site.

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