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100 NYC Title I Schools to Adopt Coding Curriculum

Source: Codesters.

A New York-based provider of classroom-friendly solutions for K–12 computer science instruction is bringing computer science to more than 5,000 students enrolled in 100 Title I schools in New York City.

Codesters teaches students Python through its platform that enables students to create interactive graphics, animation, elements and other projects. The company provides a pre-built curriculum with step-by-step lessons that give students instant feedback and assessments. The Codesters curriculum also includes lessons that integrate Common Core mathematics, so that students can “improve math outcomes while learning critical literacy of coding,” according to the company’s website. Additionally, teachers can utilize Codesters’ learning management system to track student progress through a class dashboard.

“The environment provides a rich, differentiated experience for all students, which has allowed all my students to excel,” a math teacher from a public school in Bronx, NY told Codesters. “I’ve watched students who continuously struggle in math come alive and make connections with the programming tools.”

In addition to bringing computer science to 100 Title I schools, Codesters will provide content for the national CSforAll Consortium. Both announcements were made yesterday at the White House’ Computer Science for All summit.

Further information is available on the Codesters site.

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