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Flipped Learning Organization Recruits Ambassadors

An organization launched in June to expand the use of the flipped classroom has selected a sizable group of "ambassadors" to promote the practice in their own communities. The Flipped Learning Global Initiative (FLGI) was started by Jonathan Bergmann, an early proponent of flipped learning. The practice of flipping involves some variation on having students watch videos created or identified by the instructor before coming into class and then using class time to discuss or undertake activities related to the topic covered in the videos.

Now the new organization has recruited an international group of teachers, researchers, technologists and professional development experts to serve as advisors. They'll also do beta testing for new flipping technologies.

FLGI has identified 50 ambassadors from multiple countries.

"The flipped classroom community is young and vibrant and is gaining such traction that I want to be involved as an ambassador for this work, sharing my insights and the results of the research I am working on," noted Kurt Challinor, secondary teacher, PhD student in the flipped classroom and director of the Centre for Deeper Learning in Australia, in his application for the ambassador position.

"I firmly believe that the mastery flip model of instruction is superior, " said Lisa McCauley, a United States-based "flipped mastery teacher." "I have seen the benefits in my classroom and have learned so much in my [four] years [of] teaching this way. I have inspired my entire [sixth] grade team to flip their classrooms and several other teachers in my building and I am excited at the possibility to help people outside my school, and even my country."

"For me as a teacher there is no turning back to traditional teaching methods. I would be honored if I can help others in any way," said Sigrún Svafa Ólafsdóttir, a teacher in adult education in Iceland.

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