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Judge Allows Ohio to Review Online Charter School's Records

A judge is allowing Ohio to review certain attendance records at the state’s largest online charter school, the Associated Press reported Monday. The revelation could jeopardize the school’s $106 million in annual funding.

Franklin County Judge Jenifer French sided with the Ohio Department of Education Friday against the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, or ECOT.

French rejected a request by ECOT to block the state from requiring the school to provide log-in durations as a way of measuring how many students attend the school.

Last week, the state said ECOT’s enrollment is nearly 60 percent lower than originally reported, potentially jeopardizing about $60 million in state funding from last year.

School spokesman Neil Clark said an appeal was being filed immediately and the school continues to claim that state law is on its side.

ECOT has been to court a number of times on this issue, losing an attempt in July to block a state audit of its attendance and state funding.

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