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DreamBox Debuts Data-Driven Professional Development for Math Teachers

DreamBox Learning earlier this week launched a professional development (PD) solution that leverages real-time student data from DreamBox’s adaptive learning platform for mathematics.

The motivation behind the new MyFlexPD solution is that educators who have a deeper understanding of math are in a better position to boost student achievement in the subject, according to DreamBox CEO Jessie Woolley-Wilson. “And yet, administrators and educators experience significant challenges in providing and accessing professional learning that develops teachers’ math knowledge,” Woolley-Wilson said in a news release.

DreamBox’s new solution is designed to offer immediate, relevant and actionable data that will empower math educators to improve their understanding of topics that can be challenging to teach and learn. With MyFlexPD, educators gain access to a personal Insight Dashboard that indicates academic progress for each student, along with corresponding PD options.

MyFlexPD was developed through a research grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Initial research included nearly 650 teachers across the United States, which found more than 11,000 students in grades 3 to 5 experienced 30 percent more growth in math proficiency under the instruction of teachers who utilized DreamBox’s PD solution, compared to teachers who didn’t, according to a whitepaper that describes the project’s research.

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