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Session Picks: Tech Tactics 2023

Our inaugural event for IT leaders in K–12 kicks off in November in Orlando, and we have an incredible lineup of information-packed sessions, workshops, and keynotes from CIOs and CISOs representing districts from across the country.

The Tech Tactics in Education conference offers hands-on learning, practical tips, and strategic discussions on critical cybersecurity issues, trends in AI, and key data infrastructure and practices in education. If you are a technology leader, data specialist, cybersecurity pro, or other individual charged with technology decision-making on campus, this is your can’t-miss event.

Here are some of my highlights:

Building the Checklists: Securing Your School by the Numbers

Alex Podchaski, Chief Technology Officer at Trinity Preparatory School, leads a session with three of his colleagues, exploring their experiences and practical tips for tackling the process of locking down the systems and services used by the school.

Creating a Culture of Ed Tech Intentionality

CTO Louis Tullo, Ravenscroft School, leads this session, in which he reveals a data-driven approach to managing ed tech in K–12 schools, one that involves getting the perspective of classroom teachers to build a level of trust and alignment needed for technology leaders to be successful in the way they implement new systems and solutions.

AIs and Hackers and Schools, Oh My!

Doug Levin, Co-Founder and National Director of the K12 Security Information eXchange, leads this keynote session for the IT leaders and CISOs responsible for their districts' data security defense. AI and other new technologies are fast emerging and promise to introduce new challenges and new opportunities. What are the forces shaping the cybersecurity landscape in education and what can we do to prepare? This presentation will offer insights to highlight the most important actions IT leaders can take today to protect their school communities tomorrow.

Leveraging Intelligent Technology for Data-Driven Decision-Making in K-12 Educational Leadership

There are tactics and strategies to help with issues like teacher retention, student attendance, behavioral problems, and your staff's concerns while upholding everyone's wellbeing. School leaders' most significant challenges can be tackled and supported with intelligent technology and reflection. In this session, led by Satchel Pulse Founder and CEO Naimish Gohil, attendees will learn how receiving continuous data and feedback can shape the future of your organization, reflect on what currently works for your team and what really doesn't, and gain insights and tips for the betterment of your organization and community.

Security Awareness in K–12 Education

This workshop will offer hands-on activities and demonstrations to help empower K–12 educators, staff, and leaders to protect sensitive information against hackers and malicious attacks. Led by Simon Obeid, Professor, CoEIS National Curriculum and Assessment Team, DeVry University, this workshop will cover: implementing MFA, building a culture of cybersecurity awareness in K–12 schools, practical skills for better protecting school information, common cybersecurity mistakes that employees may make when using e-mail, and specific guidance for Linux, Nmap, Wireshark, and other tools.

Join your peers Nov. 7-9 in Orlando for these sessions and more and gain new connections and insights that you can take back to your district with you! Register now!

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