Modems Support ISDN and Analog Calls

The NETServer/8 I-modem and NETServer/16 I-modem remote access servers support both ISDN and analog connections for eight and 16 ports respectively. The servers automatically terminate connections on every port, no matter what the mix of calls.

Thanks to integrated circuit termination functionality (NT-1), users need only plug one end of the line into the phone companyís ISDN service and the other into the LAN. NETServer detects what type of call is being made and makes the appropriate connection.

Each modem comes with the NETStarter Auto-Configuration Wizard, which guides one through the configuration process. Filtering mechanisms define what applications users may access when attached to the network. Flash-ROM software allows feature upgrades and configuration changes to be administered from a central location.

Finally, educators interested in setting up a NETServer I-modem but who do not have ISDN service can call the "I-Team" for information on installation, charges and support. U.S. Robotics, Network Systems Division, Skokie, IL, (888) USR-ISDN,

This article originally appeared in the 01/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.