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Scientific Minds Unveils Biology Science Starters

Scientific Minds has released Biology Science Starters, an online tool that provides supplementary instruction for high school students aligned with state standards.

Biology Science Starters, deigned to help students prepare for state assessments using the 5-E instructional method--engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate--provides the option of teacher-guided or independent video instruction for students. Each module begins with a real-world concept.

Features of Biology Science Starters include:

  • Teacher-guided instruction, which includes captioned scripts and graphics for each lesson. Teachers can control projector presentations using a mouse or wireless presenter tool;
  • Video instruction, which allows students to learn independently;
  • More than 100 online Biology modules, including topics such as photosynthesis, mitosis, taxonomy, and Mendel's Law. At the end of each module, students take an interactive quiz;
  • The ability for teachers to print worksheets for each module; and
  • Interactive flashcards, which include more than 1,000 vocabulary words in English and Spanish, and vocabulary assessment.

The online tool requires Internet access and Adobe Flash Version 8 or higher.

Campus-wide subscriptions are available for schools. Schools or parents can also purchase student licenses, which allow students to access Biology Science Starters from home, or any location with Internet access.

For more information, visit scientificminds.com.

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