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LocknCharge Debuts Customizable Charging Cart

LocknCharge has launched a new mobile device charging cart that the company said will be cost-effective and customizable.

The Joey 30 Cart will start at $999 and can be customized with a number of features.

"One thing that I have heard many times from our customers with highly restricted budgets is, 'We absolutely love LocknCharge solutions, but we simply don't have enough money in our budget to afford the full solution you offer,'" said LocknCharge CEO James Symons. "What is great about the Joey 30 is that schools can customize their carts to best suit their facility and budget, with affordable and practical optional upgrades."

One customizable feature is the use of baskets that keep devices safe during deployment. This allows devices to be deployed in a shorter amount of time and allows the cart to be shared by multiple classrooms. Likewise, devices can be transported where carts cannot ordinarily go, like up and down stairs.

The new cart can charge, store and transport up to 30 devices of almost any kind at once. It has a divider system and top-loading design that makes accessing devices easier for both students and teachers. Since there are multiple access points, more students can load and unload devices at once, making it quicker to distribute devices.

"LocknCharge products keep mobile devices safe, charged and always ready for use," Symons said. "This makes the management process so much easier for individual teachers and schools, freeing up their time to do what they do best — teach."

The new Joey 30 cart was introduced during FETC 2016, held January 13-15 in Orlando.

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Michael Hart is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and the former executive editor of THE Journal.