Buildings That Conserve and Educate

Wendy Rogers is design principal at the architectural firm LPA in Irvine, CA, as well as a LEED AP (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional). Throughout her 24-year career she has advocated for sustainable design in schools. Rogers works closely with the US Green Building Council (USGBC), speaking with districts and civic organizations throughout California to help them plan for and design green schools. She spoke with us recently about the relationship between technology and sustainable school environments.

Teaching Green

An abundance of online tools can help educators inform and instruct students about environmental issues.

Charting a Green Course

Given the autonomy to develop their own curricula, green charter schools have evolved into veritable showcases for 21st century, tech-integrated learning, preparing a new generation of students to not only be good stewards of the Earth, but to take the science world by storm.

Putting the IT in Green

While IT departments are increasingly doing a good job at greening their own backyards, they're still fairly siloed when it comes to involvement in larger sustainability initiatives.

5 Essentials to Greening the Data Center

Not all energy-saving plans are created equal; some greening measures clearly rise to the top of the list of best practices. We talked to energy experts and district IT directors who have undertaken data-greening efforts, and from these conversations we were able to identify five essential elements to any data center greening initiative.

CUNY, IBM To Help New York Schools Reduce Energy Consumption

IBM and City University of New York have teamed up to develop a new analytics tool that's designed to help New York's public schools save on energy costs. The conservation program will also be used to give a boost to STEM education in the city's K-12 schools.

Smart and Smarter

Advances in automated energy-management systems are producing big cuts in heating, ventilation, and A/C costs.

Lodi Unified School District Will Raise $5 Million with Solar Installation

The Lodi Unified School District in California has begun construction of a 2 megawatt solar photovoltaic system that will generate $200,000 annually.

Form Factor: Improving Processes at a California School District

The goal is to improve processes by converting form-heavy work into digital workflows. But as this California school district is discovering, finding the right technology is really only the first step.

Arizona Schools Offset Energy Use with Solar Arrays

Copper Ridge School in Scottsdale, AZ and Cholla Elementary in Casa Grande have completed the installation of solar electric systems with a combined power output of 764 kilowatts.

Fuel Cells Support California District's Green Efforts

Irvine Unified School District in Southern California is ramping up its green efforts by installing fuel cells on two of its high school campuses. The district has already launched a solar power initiative that will place photovoltaic arrays on several sites; the fuel cells will be used to heat facilities and to generate extra power.

The Big Green

Chicago Public Schools has developed and begun implementing a comprehensive strategy for going green, one that encompasses information technology, facilities, and education to reduce the district's environmental impact, cut operating costs, and help build students' awareness of the environment.

New York School District To Save $6 Million Through Infrastucture Upgrades

The New Paltz Central School District in New York is launching a series of energy efficiency upgrades expected to save $258,461 a year.

New Jersey School District To Save $5 Million Through Infrastucture Upgrades

The Somerset Hills School District in New Jersey has kicked off an Energy Saving Improvement Program project that is expected to save more than $5.2 million over fifteen years.

Solar Panels Provide Power, Learning Opportunities in Texas

The Pasadena Independent School District in Texas has completed construction on three solar installations that are expected to save approximately $15,000 a year.

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