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Windows 11 SE Education Devices Launch

Devices running on the all-new Windows 11 SE for education began shipping Tuesday. These include a new Surface SE device from Microsoft itself, as well as Intel- and AMD-based devices from Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo and others.

Chromebook Reseller Trafera Acquires AXI Education Solutions

Trafera, one of the largest U.S. providers of Google Chromebooks for K–12 students, on Wednesday announced it has acquired AXI Education Solutions, which sells interactive flat panels, educator professional development, and related products and services to K-12 school districts across the Mid-South.

Microsoft Intros Windows 11 SE for K–8

The ubiquitous Chromebook faces a formidable new contender in education. Microsoft has announced a new cloud-first edition of Windows 11, designed specifically to run on low-cost devices for use in K-8. Windows 11 SE is an operating system that's intended to provide a distraction-free environment for students and simpler administration of devices for IT.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Leading Growth in Emerging Devices

Augmented and virtual reality will grow to more than eight times its current size over the next five years, making it the fast-growing category among emerging devices, which include wearables and smart home devices.

5G Driving Device Growth, Shutting Out 4G

The price of mobile connectivity is going up as 5G begins to push out 4G. 5G phones are significantly more expensive than 4G phones, and that gap is widening as 5G phones double in volume.

Chromebooks Continue Massive Surge in Adoption

The adoption of Chromebooks appears to be outpacing the explosive growth predicted for the year. In the second quarter, Chromebook shipments grew 68.6% — and that wasn't even the best quarter of the last three quarters.

Tablets See Modest Growth as Apple Maintains Lead

Apple continues to lead in the worldwide tablet market, but Samsung, Lenovo and Amazon are creeping up.

Virtual Reality Headsets See Explosive Growth

Virtual reality headsets grew more than 50% in the first quarter of 2021 compared with the same period last year, according to a new report. Facebook, which owns Oculus, was one of the key driving factors.

Chromebooks Seeing Massive Surge as Tablets Make Only Modest Gains

The increased demand for lower-cost remote learning solutions is helping to drive massive growth for Chromebooks this year. But the next few years won’t look so rosy, according to a new forecast from market research firm IDC.

Wearables See Major Jump as New Form Factors Emerge

Wearables are seeing a huge surge in growth. The total number of smart wearable devices shipped in the first quarter of 2021 grew by more than 34% over the same quarter in 2020.