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Boys Favor, Show More Confidence in Math over Girls

A national survey of high schoolers showed that even among the top students, boys both favored and had greater confidence in math classes than girls.

Report: Best Use of AI in Augmenting (Not Replacing) Teacher

A new report is out to help teachers and school leaders understand how artificial intelligence can change education.

Research: Coronavirus Learning Loss Could Put Some Students Behind a Full Year

Research from the NWEA has projected that current school closures could, indeed, result in major declines in student learning. The preliminary estimates found that math would take a bigger hit than reading, and that some students could return in the fall with less than 50 percent of the typical learning gains.

Google Classroom Is Top Education App Download

Mobile education applications have experienced a 90 percent increase in weekly downloads usage worldwide between the last three months of 2019 and the first three months of 2020, according to a new analysis by App Annie.

10 Factors for Ed Tech Success and Failure

Why does education technology works in some schools and districts but not others?

Survey Offers Strategies for Unlocking Schools from Traditional Time Structure

Could a shake-up of the school schedule lead to better learning outcomes?

Engineers Name Cybersecurity the 'Most Daunting' Challenge

Worldwide health concerns aside, cybersecurity is the "most daunting challenge," according to a survey of the world's engineers.

Cybersecurity Reports See Rise in Education Risks

Two cybersecurity reports that highlight mobile device risks — one from Verizon and the other from NetScout Systems — have also touched on the education sector in their findings.

STEAM Teachers Turn to Social Media for Resources and Training

Teachers with a focus on STEAM turn to social media and websites in great numbers to augment their lessons and for professional development.

Survey on Digital Learning Hints at Gaps in School Prep for 'Virus Days'

If more schools need to close even temporarily in response to Coronavirus (COVID-19), in some places, they may not be able to substitute at-home learning for in-class learning.