Technology for Special Needs Students

iPad App for Students With Autism, Special Needs

Special education teachers can now connect and share custom resources with classroom aids, therapists, and parents through private online communities.

The Surprising Ways BYOD, Flipped Classrooms, and 1-to-1 Are Being Used in the Special Ed Classroom

As schools shift to mobile device usage and new forms of technology-inspired instruction, such as flipping the classroom, special ed is adopting mainstream approaches for its assistive technologies.

Hacking the Classroom to Encourage Student Independence

Seeking to empower her students with greater communication skills, one special ed teacher is "hacking the classroom" with a range of traditional and unique apps and tech-rich activities, from iPads to gaming consoles.

Ballard & Tighe Vocabulary Game Readies Students for State Tests

Educational publisher Ballard & Tighe has unveiled a Web-based adventure-themed vocabulary game to help students in grades 2 through 5 prepare for state exams. Word Raider: Escape, available now, collects more than 1,100 pieces of assessment information from each game played.

Colorado District Adds Online Speech Therapy

A Colorado school district facing a speech-language pathologist shortage has partnered with a live online speech therapy provider to ramp up services to more than 120 students.

Washington School District Offers Online Speech Therapy

A rural Washington school district has found a new way to support students needing speech therapy and lighten the caseload for its crew of speech-language pathologists.

9 New Apps for Autism

A Free Cloud Library for Students With Disabilities

Bookshare just celebrated its 10th anniversary as a provider of digital accessible materials to students with print disabilities. More than 190,000 people--mostly students--have access to the cloud-based library that currently has more than 135,000 titles available.

Students with ADHD Get Help from iPad App

A new iPad app promises to help boost memory, concentration, and organizational skills for students with ADHD.

8 Top Apps for Autistic Learners

Mobile technology and apps enable those who have special needs to function more freely and effectively in the classroom and out into the world.

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