Overcoming Faculty's Fear and Loathing: One Principal's Approach

Decision Making Based on Standards: A Model for Computerizing Public Educations

Five Strategies for District Computer Coordinators to Fund and Manage a Transition to Technology-Ric

The Leadership Role in Making the Technology Connection

Innovative Staffing to Meet Technological Changes: A Case Study at Wake Forest University

Product Focus


New Furniture Line Has An Ergonomic Design

Canon's VC-C3 Camera Suits Videoconferencing and More

In Brief



Lab Automation Software Gives System Administrators a Break

Camp Hill Students & Faculty Ready For the Future with Fiber Network

University of Wisconsin Exploits OMR Capabilities for Handwriting


Administrative and Management Strategies

Ed-Tech Trends

New Products Streamline Testing Assessment

News/In Brief

QuickMail Pro Gains Foothold in Education

College District Signs Contract With SCT

Hi-Ed Institutions License PeopleSoft Applications

Administrative Package Helps Illinois District

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Online Reference Tools

Stanford University Adds Customized A/V Systems

Apple Donates Power Macs To Smithsonian

Schools in Singapore Use K-8 Science CD

Princeton Univ. Makes Microsoft SW Standard

MOREnet Chooses Grolier Reference Collection

Silicon Graphics, TIME Sponsor "The Robot Zoo"

Free Materials

Full-Text Database Goes Online in N.Y. Library

N.J. District Installs 3Com ATM Network


Instantly Publish Documents With jDoc Java Technology

Idaho School District's Wireless WAN Opens Intranet, Internet Potential

Network Analysis Software Used for Real-World "Networks"

School District Signs Up for Video Distribution

Short Takes

Media Management SW Aids Media Centers

Unique Distance Learning Solution Born From International Venture

Control Server/Router Power by Remote

Power Supply SW Gives On-screen Info