What Do Students Know and How Do We Know that They Know It?

The Rise of a New Paradigm Shift in Teaching and Learning

Pathways to a New Way of Learning and a New Way of Teaching

Training Today's Teachers for Tomorrow's Classrooms

Serving Modern Students in a Modern Society at the Community College

Product Focus

Products - Compaq's Aero 8000

Products - Hewlett Packard Company

Products - Compaq's Aero 2100

Products - Franklin Electronic Publishers

Products - Boeckeler Instruments, Inc.

Products - Sharp Electronics Corp.

Products - Casio, Inc.

Products - Eiki International, Inc.

Products - Sony Electronics, Inc.

Products - PULNiX America, Inc.

Products - Polaroid Corp.

Products - JVC Professional Products

Products - Power R

Watch Any Video Source on Classroom Monitors without Hookup Hassles

Nova Desks Bring Back Original Desktops at Effingham HS

Products - Hewlett-Packard Company


Powering Up Computer Security in Everett Schools

PassKey Helps Students Achieve Standards Every Step of the Way

Teachers Take Revolutionary Approach to Traditional Math Challenge


Short Takes - ZyXel Communications

Short Takes - ZapME!

Short Takes - BellSouth

Take Control of Students' Attention

CNN Newsroom as a Classroom Tool

Cable in the Classroom Celebrates 10 Years of Service

Fiber Optic Cable for Dynamic Use and Easy Installation

Schools Achieve Network Flexibility

Broadly Speaking

Print Labels from the Palm of Your Hand

Short Takes - ATI


Technical Literacy ­ Where Are We?



Industry Perspective

A New Model for Advanced Placement Delivery

News/In Brief

Grants - Microsoft Corp.

Grants Give Innovative Teachers the Funds for Creative Science Projects

Late Breaks - Virtual Counseling

Grants - GTE Foundation

TLC University Establishes Online Support for Educators

Grants - The National Foundation for the Improvement of Education

Scholarships - Siemens Foundation

Awards - N2H2, Inc.

Report on Educational Trends Released

Consortium to Address Cluster Technology Issues for Higher Education

Late Breaks - Microsoft Corp.

Scholarships - Inspiration Software, Inc.

Grants - SMARTer Kids Foundation

Late Breaks - Dell Computer Corp.

Awards - Fulbright Memorial Fund (FMF)

Grants - America Library Association


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