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NSTA, netTrekker Partner To Serve Up Science Teaching Resources

The National Science Teachers Association has announced a joint effort with netTrekker to deploy professional development resources in science and engineering.

The National Science Teachers Association is a professional development association based in Arlington, VA. It provides resources (both free and fee-based) to educators through its Web site. netTrekker is the provider of an educational search tool that connects students and educators with standards-aligned digital resources with a focus on serving up results appropriate for a school setting.

As part of the effort, portions of NSTA's Learning Center will show up in netTrekker's search results. An upgrade will be available for educators who wish to access the site's full resources.

Resources of the NSTA Learning Center include:

  • Science Objects: Inquiry-based learning on specific scientific concepts that are aligned with national science literacy goals and state standards;
  • SciPacks: Interactive science courses for educators that are aligned with national science education standards and that include teacher assessment;
  • A professional development Web seminar archive;
  • SciGuides: Themed lesson plans, Web sites, simulations, and student work samples; and
  • 181 e-book chapters and 2,700 NSTA journal articles.

The NSTA Learning Center will be available for purchase as part of the netTrekker subscription this spring. Further information is available here.

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