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DimensionU Expands Educational Gaming Multiverse with Literacy Games

Educational game developer Tabula Digita has launched the DimensionU Learning System, an expansion of the DimensionM series that now incorporates an all-new gaming universe, DimensionL, focusing on literacy skills.

DimensionM is a cross-platform immersive gaming environment focused on math for students in grades 3 through 12. It offers a 3D environment in which players carry out missions in multiplayer or, in some cases, solo games. Players face mathematical obstacles, which, when solved, allow them to advance and score points. There are now four distinct missions available in DimensionM: TowerStorm, Swarm, Meltdown, and Velocity. (In addition, DimensionU offers two standalone single-player games, Evolver for pre-algebra and Dimenxian for algebra.)

Like DimensionM, DimensionL provides an immersive 3D environment in which students score points in games that involve correctly answering questions pertinent to the topic. The literacy games in DimensionL--which are, like DimensionM, TowerStorm, Swarm, Meltdown, and Velocity--cover language conventions, parts of speech, reading skills, writing skills, and vocabulary for various skill levels or grades. The literacy games are targeted toward students in grades 3 through 9.

The loading screen for the solo DimensionL TowerStorm game.

Grade-specific curriculum packs for both math and literacy are available, including complete packs and packs designed to complement Pearson textbooks. An explanation of specific skills covered in each subject area and at each level can be found here.

According to information provided by Tabula Digita, its games are in use at schools serving more than 300,000 students, including schools in New York City Public Schools, Chicago Public Schools, and districts in Florida and Texas.

DimensionU also offers a newly upgraded Educator Portal that allows teachers to view student progress and monitor the amount of time students spend on the games. It can also generate spreadsheets and graphical representations of data for teachers and parents.

All of the multiplayer games for math and literacy are accessible through a single desktop application for Mac OS X and Windows, Dimension U Games 4.0.19, downloadable here (with registration). Evolver and Dimenxian are contained in separate applications. Science (DimensionS) and history (DimensionH) games and resources are expected to be available beginning in 2011.

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