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School Loop Enables Mobile Access

School Loop has unveiled a new version of its portal and student data management tools that can be accessed with an iPhone, Android, Palm Pre, BlackBerry Torch, and other smart phones.

School Loop's current line of Web-based tools for education include School Loop Standard and School Loop Plus. Both systems offer Web portal creation and management capabilities, as well as content management, calendaring, e-commerce, and other features. School Loop Plus also includes integrated tools for student data tracking, gradebooks, parent communications, directories, intervention discussions, seating charts, personal and student portals, and various reporting and analysis tools.

The new service, School Loop Mobile, allows access to some features of existing School Loop accounts, which vary by user tpe.

Features available for teacher accounts include access to the full user calendar, the ability to view courses with filtered calendars, and the ability publish assignments. Users with principal and staff accounts have the ability to look up student records and access the user calendar. Student and parent account holders can access current grades, progress reports, a course-specific calendar, a current assignment list, and the user calendar.

Teacher accounts, principal accounts, and staff accounts have access to the publish events feature in the mobile versions and can view student records. All users can access LoopMail.

Browsers on mobile devices that attempt to access School Loop are automatically redirected to the School Loop Mobile page. The School Loop Mobile service is currently up and running. Further information is available here.

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