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Safari Montage Live 5 Adds Screen Sharing, Improved Video Quality

Safari Montage has unveiled version 5 of Safari Montage Live (SML5), its IP-based interactive videoconferencing system, with upgrades such as enhancements to its screen sharing capabilities and improvements to video and audio.

The newest launch utilizes a Safari Montage Live server, the Internet, and a district's wide area network (WAN) to manage interactive group discussions with one or more broadcasters. The only hardware components needed are a camera and a microphone.

Key features of the newest release include:

  • Improved video quality (480x360);
  • Enhanced audio quality (44kbps);
  • Remote control of a participant's desktop;
  • Screen sharing during the videoconference;
  • Playback of video recordings from the broadcaster's desktop or from YouTube;
  • An option to pre-build polls;
  • The ability to save participant data;
  • The ability to have multiple users for the interactive whiteboard.

The videoconferencing system is in use currently for school-to-school or school-to-home and can be used for distance learning, professional development, and virtual field trips at less cost than traditional field trips and with savings of gas and time for districts trying to make ends meet on reduced budgets.

"Safari Montage has changed the way we do staff development," said Joe Griffin, chief technology officer at Keller Independent School District. "Even with the budget cuts we've faced, SAFARI Montage Live-5! has provided us with a cost-effective way to conduct superintendent cabinet meetings, secretary meetings and other professional development."

In addition to its new features, Safari Montage servers come with educational titles from video publishers such as Schlessinger Media, PBS, The History Channel, National Geographic, Scholastic, Disney Educational Production, and BBC. Districts can also load their own material and control the extent to which that media is disseminated to users.

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