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DreamBox Expands Web-Based Math Learning Tool to Grade 5

DreamBox Learning has recently extended its web-based K-3 math teaching tool, DreamBox Learning Math, with additional lessons and an intermediate learning platform for students in grades 3-5.

DreamBox Learning Math is an adaptive learning platform that presents mathematical concepts as games with pirate or dinosaur themed animations to engage students in lessons.  The tool assesses the ability of students as they solve problems and recommends specific lessons to prevent students from exposure to problems that are too easy or too difficult.

Features include:

  • The ability to record the progress of individual students;
  • Graphical student progress summaries; and
  • The ability to send notifications when a student may be struggling with the curriculum.

The new intermediate learning platform is a customizable interface that delivers interactive math lessons aligned with Common Core State Standards for grades 3-5.

The platform displays animated introduction tutorials and encourages students to attempt recommended lessons by rewarding them with virtual coins that can be spent to customize the program's wallpaper, log-in icons, or background music. Badges and unlockable math mini-games like Junkyard Stomp, a game where students use an animated dragon to stomp on prime numbers or multiples of seven, are also used to keep students engaged in lessons.

Decomposing fractions, Building and Comparing Fractions, Early Equivalency, Placing Fractions on the Number Line, Fractions: Money and Time, Understanding Equivalent Fractions, Comparing Fractions with Unlike Denominators, and Subtracting Fractions with Like Denominators are some of the lessons in the new platform.

Over 100 new lessons including grade 3 fraction lessons, grade 4 fraction lessons, and virtual manipulatives for K-5 classes, were released as part of the expansion.

School licenses are available for $7,000 per year and the company is offering three free classroom licenses to any school that is not currently using DreamBox Learning Math.

Further information can be found at dreambox.com.

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