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myON Gains Support for Additional Mobile Devices

Capstone Digital has announced new mobile capabilities for its "personalized literacy environment," myON, which provides a library of more than 2,600 enhanced digital books and recommends books based on students' interests and reading level. Teachers and students can now access myON through Macs, PCs, iPads, Kindle Fire tablets, and Android 3.0 or newer devices.

“Extending myON reader access to all major mobile platforms is essential because it provides students with a flexible learning environment and increased exposure to reading and digital books," said Todd Brekhus, president of Capstone Digital, in a prepared statement.

Capstone Digital has designed the mobile version of myON to be identical to the one users see on their computers. Users can log on securely through to access the enhanced digital library, including the embedded dictionary, highlighting, and audio capabilities. Student profiles and recommended book list also remain intact on the mobile version.

“When converting our library of digital books to the mobile environment, we made a point to retain every piece of myON reader’s functionality,” said Brekhus. “Everything users can do with myON from their computers, they can also do with their mobile devices. myON reader offers parallel user experiences that empower students to take ownership of their literacy development, whether they’re in a computer lab or reading on a mobile device.”

Capstone originally launched myON reader in January 2011. It uses cloud-based technology to provide students with access to its digital library whether they are at home or at school, and now, with the addition of mobile device support, students can access the digital library from anywhere they are connected to the Internet. It also provides a collaborative environment for parents and teachers to support students' reading performance.

Further information about myON and its new mobile capabilities is available on the myON site.

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