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PCI Ed's Algebra City Covers 28 Common Gaps in Student Understanding

PCI Education, a company that develops curriculum products, has published a set of learning materials specifically for kids in grades eight through 10 having trouble with Algebra 1 concepts. "Algebra City" is a set of four workbooks that address 28 common algebraic misconceptions using a graphic novel approach and web-based practice problems. According to the company, the program is intended to be used not for standard curriculum but for intervention, pinpointing areas where students are struggling.

The materials consist of four student editions, each one covering seven of the 28 topics, as well as a teacher set with an assessment CD, a teacher resource CD, and access to the interactive activities.

"With Algebra City, students construct meaning through multiple representations, mathematical models, scaffolded examples, peer-to-peer discussions, purposeful writing, and links to real-world examples," said content developer Donna Craighead.

The content is aligned to the Common Core State Standards. The series is divided into:

  • "Algebra Essentials," which covers variables, expressions, equations and inequalities, rules of operations, laws of exponents, radicals, and absolute value;
  • "Equations & Inequalities," covering zero and one, multi-step equations, expressions, properties, proportions, inequalities, and absolute value;
  • "Graphing," for functions, slope, Y-intercepts, graphing lines, solutions to inequalities, parallel and perpendicular lines, and solutions to systems; and
  • "Polynomials and Factoring," for parabolas, binomials, trinomials, factoring, quadratic equations, rational expressions, and fractions and variables.

An ExamView Assessment Suite includes pre- and post-tests for the program, the book, and individual unit levels, as well as an item bank and test generator, and reporting features.

"Too often, students struggle to learn critical algebra skills they need both inside and outside the classroom," said Lee Wilson, president and CEO of PCI Education. "Algebra City is targeted intervention that encourages students to reconnect to algebra in one or more areas of misunderstanding, while allowing teachers to leverage the investment in their core algebra curriculum."

A classroom starter pack is priced at $599.95 and includes the teacher's kit and a five-pack of student editions, which has five copies of each of the four books in the series.

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