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McGraw-Hill Education Releases Adaptive Learning Program for AP Exam Prep

McGraw-Hill Education has launched an online preparation tool designed to help high school students prepare for advanced placement (AP) exams. McGraw-Hill Scoreboard, which uses adaptive technology, is available now.

McGraw-Hill Scoreboard, created in collaboration with adaptive learning company Area9, creates College Board standards-aligned personalized learning plans for students. It is available for AP Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Environmental Science, Psychology, United States Government and Politics, United States History, and World History.

Personalized learning plans are based on results of a diagnostic test that shows which AP topics students need additional study time in and include detailed scoring rubrics. Progress is monitored with a learning calendar that shows how much material has been covered and how much is left.

Other features of McGraw-Hill Scoreboard include:

  • Adaptive questioning, which provides immediate feedback so students and teachers can identify areas in need of improvement. As students proceed through the questions, based on answers, they will focus on areas of weakness;
  • Four timed, automatically graded practice AP exams for each course; and
  • Reports for students and teachers, which provide self-assessment results, current learning statistics, sections of struggle, and frequently missed questions.

Scoreboard is compatible with PCs and Macs, and the company plans to release an iOS app in the fall. It can be used with McGraw-Hill Education's Onboard Series for Advanced Placement interactive program, which prepares students for AP courses using videos, animations, and interactive activities.

Scoreboard is available to school districts through a subscription plan, or students and parents can sign up for a cost of $20 per course.
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