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New York Inks Data Dashboard Design Deal for Common Core Transition

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) has contracted for the design of a data dashboard to securely provide information aimed at helping educators and administrators make strategic decisions and improve instruction.

For the data dashboard, NYSED has partnered with ConnectEDU and CaseNEX, whose DataCation product suite serves as the basis for DataCation Compass, a new data dashboard built specifically for New York schools.

Highlights of DataCation Compass, according to the ConnectEDU Web site, include:

  • Assessment data relevant to the Common Core State Standards;
  • Recommendations tailored to students' needs;
  • Learning maps with goals and progress tracking;
  • Early warning flags to identify at-risk students; and
  • A comparison tool with reports on how schools or districts compare to others across the state.

For administrators, this means access to multiple data points on one screen and easily compiled comparison reports at school, district, and state levels. For teachers, DataCation Compass will automatically map student performance to Common Core Standards and recommend content for students based on their individual learning needs, according to the ConnectEDU Web site. Students will get visual learning maps to track their own progress.

"With future assessments tied to the Common Core Standards, educators need more sophisticated tools to empower students and their parents to take a more proactive role in their own education," said Evan Nisonson, CEO at ConnectEDU, in a release. "DataCation Compass provides all parties involved with a higher level of transparency around student and teacher performance. This data will ultimately help improve the success and education of our country's up and coming workforce talent."

Demonstrations of DataCation Compass will be conducted in 12 locations within New York's school districts during an August traveling roadshow designed to "give stakeholders the opportunity to view the solution," according to a company release.

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