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AirWatch Intros Mobile Device Management for Teachers

AirWatch, a provider of enterprise mobility management solutions, has added Teacher Tools to its AirWatch for Education suite.

Teacher Tools is a mobile device management (MDM) application that lets teachers control student access to mobile device features to help ensure students remain on-task in the classroom. According to the company, the Teacher Tools user interface is simplified in an attempt to make it more accessible for teachers than MDM solutions designed for IT administrators.

"Teachers can associate each student with the assigned device and manage devices for different classes, groups of students or individuals," according to information from the company. The Teacher Tools student registration process works with any student information system and lets teachers organize students by class.

Key features of Teacher Tools include:

  • All Eyes Up Front, which lets teachers lock student devices to remove distractions during whole class instruction;
  • Single Application Mode, which lets teachers lock individual or multiple student devices into a single application for a specific period of time;
  • The ability to lock students into a specific Web page or multiple select URLs;
  • A polling function to solicit responses from individuals or groups of students; and
  • Clear Passcode, which enables teachers to reset student device passcodes without looking up serial numbers and access detailed device information.

Teacher Tools is available now on Apple iOS devices. Other tools in the AirWatch for Education suite include AirWatch Secure Content Locker for distributing protected files and AirWatch Secure Mobile Browser for whitelisting or blacklisting specific sites.

Further information about Teacher Tools can be found on the AirWatch site.

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