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ClassDojo Releases Free Classroom Toolkit on App

Communication platform ClassDojo today released a new classroom toolkit within its mobile app. The toolkit is free and available for all teachers to use.

There are eight tools that teachers can utilize “to create incredible classrooms,” according to a news release. These include:

  • Directions: enables teachers to clearly display classroom directions, so students can alway see what they should be working on;
  • Music: teachers can create playlists to help students focus or engage students during free time;
  • Group Maker: a generator to help arrange students in pairs or groups of three or higher;
  • Noise Meter: a visual tool that measures class volume;
  • Think Pair Share: teachers can post a prompt and have students discuss answers with a partner;
  • Random: a tool for teachers to randomly choose students;
  • Timer: a standard online timer; and
  • Today: a bulletin board of sorts that teachers can use to post a welcome message or announcement.

Each of the tools is designed to make the teacher’s job a little easier. The noise meter, for example, aims to “show students the classroom noise visualized and encourage them to self-manage,” the company site explains.

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