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Project Tomorrow Expands Speak Up Research Project

The nonprofit Project Tomorrow is adding new features to its Speak Up Research Project for Digital Learning and opening up the participation window to year-round.

Now in its 16th year, Speak Up previously allowed schools to participate only during a short data collection window. According to the organization, "School and district leaders can now use the free, nationally recognized Speak Up suite of tested resources whenever they need to collect feedback from their stakeholders."

Three types of surveys are now available, including Speak Up 360, which offers "tools to collect and analyze longitudinal data around multiple themes and from a variety of audiences to support both short- and long-term planning and decision-making" year-round; Snapshots, which focus on specific issues (this year's include mobile tech and teacher professional development); and Flash Indicators, short, five-question surveys focusing on hot topics.

"We believe that the views and values of K-12 students, parents and teachers as well as community members are a powerful asset that is not being fully leveraged by most schools and districts," said Julie Evans, CEO of Project Tomorrow, in a prepared statement. "When school and district leaders understand the needs and aspirations of these most important constituencies, those leaders are more effective in designing, developing and implementing transformations in the education system that will better prepare students for the future. We have upgraded our Speak Up solutions to make that a reality within all schools."

Project Tomorrow reported it's working on several new initiatives for the coming year as well, focusing on topics like:

  • "How to effectively address parental concerns about screen time and online safety while preserving your vision for digital learning.
  • "How to translate the avalanche of data that leaders have into actionable knowledge that can realistically impact plans and decisions at the school or district level.
  • "How to engage stakeholders in meaningful discussions about how to leverage digital resources to prepare today's students to be ready for college, career and active citizenry.
  • "How school and leaders can inspire and empower teachers to think differently about instruction and student outcomes when using digital resources.
  • "How to build a culture for innovation that is sustainable and reliable even in times of stress or conflict."

To date, the Speak Up survey has seen participation from more than 5.4 million school and district administrators, teachers, students, parents, IT staff and leaders and community stakeholders. Further information can be found at


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