COVID-19 Coverage for Education and Technology

Project Documenting Innovative School Practices Gets Needed Update

There's very little that's ordinary about schooling this year, and that's why the Canopy Project has added new schools and new terminology to describe just what instructional practice looks like these days. Curriculum Offers Lessons for Remote Learning

To help K-8 students thrive in their remote classes, a company that produces K-12 curriculum and delivers it to students online has come up with lessons specifically on how to take remote classes.'s new "Essential Skills for Remote Learning" covers several broad areas for students.

Supporting Student Mental Health Now and in the Future

Often educators, school administrators and counselors are a first line of defense when a student is struggling with their mental health. But when schools closed in March, so too did their window into students’ wellbeing because in-person interactions between students and those who would typically help them ceased.

Report: How to Get the Good Changes to Last

How much of the innovation that's taking place right now in education will still be around when the instability of the pandemic has slowed down? That's a question that the Christensen Institute has tried to understand in a new paper published today.

'Mosaic by ACT' Shifts Assessment Nonprofit into Learning Business

ACT, the nonprofit that produces assessments for colleges and career, has introduced an online learning application.

Microsoft Adds SEL Elements to Teams and OneNote for Teachers

Microsoft has added new features for Teams and OneNote that are designed to help educators promote social-emotional learning and transparency through their remote and hybrid instructional practices.

Nine in 10 Teachers Expect Ed Tech Needs to Grow in Next 3 Years

Most K-12 teachers said their students received less coverage of instructional material in the spring than compared to the typical school year, and most of lessons consisted of asynchronous activities. While a majority of administrators said their districts and schools were able to provide formal professional learning opportunities on technology-based remote instruction to their educators, half as many teachers said the same.

School Leaders Launch National COVID-19 School Response Dashboard

A group of national education organizations, researchers and technology experts has launched the National COVID-19 School Response Dashboard, a database that maps schools' voluntary responses to the pandemic across the United States. The data is intended to help school administrators, state leaders, families and the general public review the current conditions of the virus in their own communities, compare that information to other places and make decisions for the school year based on the data.

Mostly White School Districts More Likely to Have In Person Classes

A joint study has found that school districts with a majority of students who are white were three times more likely to offer in-person learning as schools that primarily enrolled students of color.

Report: Low-Cost, Microcredential-Based PD Can Improve Expertise in Student-Centered Learning

COVID-19 is making new kinds of demands on educators to become proficient at meeting the needs of individual students, whether they're in the classroom or learning from home.