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Classroom Capture in One Easy Step

A school district in Pennsylvania has begun implementing lecture capture in all of its classrooms. At first the technology was used just to deliver staff development materials, but teachers have picked up on it and have started using it in "hybrid" classrooms, capturing student activities and posting classes online.

Khan Academy Distributing Through BitTorrent

BitTorrent and the Khan Academy have partnered to make more than 2,000 educational videos available for free through a video catalog app.

An App for That ... and That ... and That

The mobile technology market is blooming with powerful applications that have the ability to transform education with the ease of a download to any number of handheld devices. To learn what apps educators are finding most valuable to teaching and learning, we asked presenters from this month's Florida Education Technology Conference (FETC) to share some of their favorites.

Before Glee, There Was Grammy Camp

How does a fledgling sound engineer get the exposure he or she needs to jumpstart a career in that direction? That's one goal of a summer camp for high school students hosted on the campus of the University of Southern California at its Thornton School of Music.

Report Shows U.S. Schools Can't Meet Technology Demands of Teachers, Students

Few people will be surprised to learn of research that shows K-12 institutions throughout the United States have become heavily dependent on technology, and that this dependency continues to increase with each passing year. What may surprise even the most jaded among us, however, is that, given that many view this a "good" dependency with a wealth of immediate and long-term benefits for teachers, students, and staff, we're doing an inadequate job of feeding the habit.

Free for All: Great Freeware for the Classroom

Former middle school teacher Luke Allen offers his recommendations for the best free software for teachers, from social Web browsers to image and video editing and manipulation tools.

$500,000 Grant Fuels Digital Media Development for Experimental School

PBS will develop achievement-oriented content especially for the New York City Department of Education's School of One (So1) with the help of a $500,000 grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. School of One is an experiment in personalizing education using multiple modalities of instruction, allowing students to learn at their own pace and according to their own respective strengths and weaknesses.

Bringing Teachers Onboard with Tech

Ed tech adoption isn't about forcing new technologies on teachers or wearing them down in an effort to obtain grudging "buy in." On the contrary. In order for any technology-centered education initiative to have meaningful results, according to Rushton Hurley, it has to be born of a spirit of collegiality, teamwork, and openness.

Project VoiceScape Looks for Young Filmmakers To Support

Middle school and high school students have an opportunity to receive mentoring and funding for their digital filmmaking projects. The Adobe Foundation and PBS have teamed up to launch Project VoiceScape, which will select 15 documentary works to support with cash, publicity, and one-to-one guidance from professional filmmakers.

Adobe Ends Development of Project Rome

Adobe revealed that it will end development on Project Rome, the company's experimental multimedia authoring and electronic portfolio tool, redirecting its development resources instead to tablet applications.

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